We keep this love in a photograph

We made these memories for ourselves

Where our eyes are never closing

Hearts are never broken

And time’s forever frozen still.”

Ed Sheeran

Memories, my dear, are why we tend to make every living, breathing moment happier and worth remembering. Photographs behold all of them and keep them safe for generations. Isn’t it amazing how a picture can capture a moment and make it worth cherishing forever? And especially when you are in love with someone for whom you can leave the whole world behind and conquer every relationship for this one. But don’t be just in love without clicking some great selfies. After all, you surely desire to show it all off to your grandchildren, isn’t it?

Lovers in the Mountains
Lovers in the Mountains. Photo: Pinterest

Cute Couple Selfie Ideas For Lovers

Cute Couple Selfie Ideas For Lovers
Photo: Moncheribridals

As Fresh As a Daisy, Always

As Fresh As a Daisy Always
Photo: Instagram/gio_bravar.

Isn’t the moment when he kneeled down to propose his love to you with a pretty rose special? Of course, it is! How about reliving the same moment? Shoot the moment of him giving you a beautiful daisy, whose freshness freshens up your relationship instantly. After all, love is a promise till the very last breath.

Hold My Hand, Darling!

Come, let me show you how beautiful the world actually is!” Hold your lover’s hand, and while you ask him to come with you, click-click! Travel freaks who cannot live without wandering and are so addicted to cherishing the beauty of nature get to click the best of such images. Focus on your hand and your partner while the beauty accentuates the glory of a picture.

Kiss? OH YEAH!

Kiss? OH YEAH!
Photo: Polkadotwedding.com

A photographer is there to make your wedding day all the more special by capturing moments full of emotions, but the ones that you click on your phone WILL BE THE MOST SPECIAL ONES, no matter what. Because they have to revive inside jokes and instant feelings that no photographer would know and hence, it is best to click some on your phone yourself.

Crazy Couplet

Make funny faces and shoot. After all, why just click pictures wherein both of you look SANE when you are actually not? And trust me, those pictures would turn out to be the best ones, the ones you would cherish forever. How about a fish face?

Just the Legs

And who knows about your romantic act behind the scenes when your camera was busy shooting the legs and beauty around? Capturing the moment of stillness is also an art. The peace and everlasting connection that you feel in that one moment of just sitting on a couch together cannot be missed.

Shy? No, Just a Pose

Shy? No, Just a Pose
Photo: Pinterest

Maybe the situation occurred when you literally rolled on the floor laughing, or you deliberately lay down to click this funny picture. Either way, you are going to get yet another Instagram-approved selfie.

Dream Out Louder

Smile out loud and dream out louder! Amidst the world of craziness, the smile is often forgotten! But clicking a picture of you with your lover, holding her tight and smiling the brightest, would be yet another inspiration to go for. Make sure you keep the angle elevated upwards so you can cover the entire body, i.e., head to toe.

A Kiss on the Forehead is Always the Most Special.

A kiss on the Forehead is Always the Most Special

Kissing and hugging are gestures of love, and it is said that a kiss on the forehead implies care and affection. How about a selfie of your lover kissing your forehead so you can add one more to your photographic memory lane?

A Few Tips and Guidelines To Click Best of Pictures

  • Genuinity and Emotions: As long as your expressions seem genuine and alive, your pictures will look just the best. Make sure you feel the pose you are going for next, and then you will have the best pictures.
  • The Angle and The Lighting: It would only matter how stunning and made for each other you two actually look if and only if you take care of proper lighting and angle while clicking pictures. While darkness could destroy the fun of your photo session, the wrong angle could make your persona look different, maybe petite or maybe fatter.
  • The Thumb Rule: Everyone has either a left or right profile that they find attractive while clicking pictures. But the center is a strict NO! This is something every photogenic person knows and follows, but you just have to keep it in mind so you start as a pro from the very beginning.

Happy photoshoot and I am sure that these Cute Couple Selfie Ideas For Lovers and important tips and guidelines will surely help you get some awesome ones of all times. Just grab your phone now and shoot-shoot-shoot!

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